Exhibition and Assessment

A lot of relief that the exhibition was finally finished and open to the public. Was interesting overhearing people’s opinions on my work and answering their questions (especially about the titles of the work). And I might have spilt red wine down my white-ish dress within the first 15 minutes so spent the rest of the opening with my hand holding my shoulder bag at just the right place, so you could tell I was nervous. My twin sister came and surprised me too so I nearly cried from all of the emotions.

Was weirdly calm yet nervous for my final assessment, you’d think I would have been used to them at this point and known if I had majorly screwed up. It was probably one of the most chilled assessments I had had. I sat on the floor in front of all my work in the exhibition space whilst my two tutors sat on chairs and we discussed the work, preparation, and future plans. I have finally decided that yes, I do want to continue at Aberystwyth for a Masters in Fine Art. I’m proud of what I managed to produced and it stands its ground and gives the right effect to the public I think (I was too scared to ask unless they were speaking to me).


Exhibition prep week 2

18519701_1341723469256743_7924444150109781448_nThis week, whilst doing final wall preparations and preparing the paintings to go on to the wall, I got filmed “painting”a painting (slight touch up on one definitely not going in the show) by the Aber Media crew. They chose me because my work represents Aberystwyth. I don’t know what the film is being used for or when I will see it but hey, it could be good for my work somewhere down the line.

There was some debate over if all 5 paintings go on the wall and in which order. The paintings appeared cramped when all 5 were lined up against the wall, so the decision was for 4 paintings instead.

Exhibition Prep week 1

This week saw the beginning of building and prepping the exhibition spaces in rooms that we’ve known as our studio spaces and drawing room for the 3 years. The change is always surprising. I’ve definitely taken away from this week that teamwork is a major aspect of setting up an exhibition, we all wanted to help each other because the sooner its done, the sooner we can enjoy it. It’s all of our spaces, if one part looks bad then it could reflect on us all. 18341996_1336168479812242_113126224662834158_n

I also worked out that my maths was wrong and I barely needed the whole tub of paint, let alone two! (I had confused the meter squared coverage of the tub and the ft squared area of my space). I was stressed with the essay and blog deadline at the beginning of this week so I didn’t re-think it until the shop owner assured me when buying the second tub but I figured there’s chances to use it in the future  (decorating or in future paintings).


So over the last couple of months, I’ve been slowly working on my final essay (It’s a mini dissertation but no as high a word count). I have been pretty much locked in my room for the last few days getting the last chunks done and checked over, I’m a slow writer and kept having panics over things. It’s about my project, the work produced, the processes and the influences. Very hard to keep in third person but I tried and (hopefully) kept first person to a minimum. After all the final checks, I went to have it bound in a local shop, couldn’t say no to the black hardcover. It’s nice to have it all ready and out of the way a fair few days before the deadline. Can relax a bit and focus on other things, like getting things ready for preparing my exhibition space, which we got the plans for about 1/2 hour ago. I definitely need to get more paint as I’m having my space in a greyish colour- Cloudburst – as my paintings look better on a grey background than the usual white of the exhibition spaces. My space is 20ft long so yeah, one tub won’t cover it. That all starts next week though. Terrifying and exciting in one.

Deep Breath

After celebrating my mum’s birthday earlier this week, I’ve returned to Aberystwyth with my sister before she continues her journey back to Belfast. It’s scary to think I pretty much only have a month left here. Well, not exactly, I have chosen to do a Masters here so I’m not leaving but its the end of my degree, many friends will be leaving. I still remember vividly my first day moving into Aber. Time flies when you’re having fun but hopefully this last month won’t go too fast.

I have finally decided on titles for my paintings (captions have been added to past posts), as quotes from friends in conversation on/near the seafront. They are odd and not related to the picture they are titling but that’s part of the point. The landscapes represent memories of the place, the titles are the people I’ve met here. So these are the possible exhibition pieces;
Learn to Hop
They Make Everything Better
I Have a New Escape Plan
Don’t Kill My Vibe
She Laughed First

Here’s my card

So whilst home for the Easter break, I sorted out my business cards. Took a while to sort out what I actually want them to look like, got many people’s opinions on fonts and stuff. I even had a home friend offer to help me with them but this came after I placed the order. Luckily I was happy with the design anyway. So whilst I’ve gone to visit my SO for a couple of days, the cards arrived. You can tell my mum is excited by the prospect of me getting commissions as she straight away opened the box and gave one to the post lady and herself. Apparently if I can do dogs, I already have a commission so it’s something I will look into after the exhibition and assessment. A summer task.


Photos to look like paintings

Photo paintings series, 2017, Digital editing, 15cm x 15cm (each)

This week has been a mix between playing with the order of my paintings and which of those will go into the exhibition and editing photographs I have taken over the last few weeks to look like my paintings. A kind of stylised filter effect. I edited 11 photos in total and had them printed on a decent printer and photo paper ready for portfolio or exhibition (I don’t think they will work in it), it’s part of an extra 10 credits for the module. I think they work well. I don’t want to display them with the paintings though because the idea of these is to make photos look like my paintings not that my paintings are to look like these photos and I feel people will get the wrong message. We’ll see though, it’s all up for debate.